day and night


I believe that open and insightful information will be the future of resolving the current crisis, as we come alongside other excellent organizations to create movement. Silos of effort will stifle the unity needed to stop the monstrosity of human slavery. We hope to be the watch-men and watch-women of this generation.

The problem

Expanding Scope

Currently 24.9 million people worldwide have lost their freedom and basic human dignity—that’s roughly three times the population of New York City.

Lack of coordinated efforts

Like most efforts to stop newly discovered issues, the initiatives are fragmented and sometimes wasteful. Collaboration is desired but extremely difficult to achieve. 

Sensitive issue

We have a lack of public awareness and even when made aware, there is a resistance to such disturbing news regarding our own neighborhoods. The facts need to be revealed with clear insights that give people understanding of the issue that can be shared with friends and family. 

day and night